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Pine Bluff Cotton Belt

Federal Credit Union Logo

I was consulted to rebrand a credit unions logo.  I began by researching the brand and wanted to know specifically the reason for the badge style shape surrounding Cotton Belt Route and Pine Bluff Credit Union Logo.  I was provided detailed information by the Arkansas Railroad Historical society.  Upon reading the information they sent I discovered the original logo designer of the Cotton Belt Route Logo based the symbol off a flange of the cotton gin stand.  

In discussing the rebrand with the credit union they wanted to continue to recognize the railroad and it's history for their members and incorporate that into the branding.  

After the client discussion and history discovery, it seemed only appropriate to keep the original icon and include it into the logo.  To bring the design up to date I created a monogram of the P & B for Pine Bluff.   


The first image below shows the proposed rebrand as well as the past logos.  

Left: Proposed Rebranded Logo Design    

Center: Current Credit Union Logo        

Right: Current Cotton Belt Route Logo created in 1885

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